Dreams provide a world where we escape reality and seemingly has little control on what happens. What if you could know your dreaming and subsequently control the dream? It turns out lucid dreaming is possible. and with a little effort and practice even you can do it. I can provide you the instructions in doing it. But here’s the catch! It will all happen in your Dream.


Trying more on lucid dreaming

Now some of you might be saying, I don’t even dream. But the truth is everybody has about 3-7 dreams a night the problem is we quickly forget them. In a lucid dream the possibilities are endless for starters you can’t die in a dream as you just wake up, it means in a lucid dream you can face your fears and phobias will take on a horde of zombies or soldiers armed with guns and live to tell the tale.

Not only do you have nothing to worry about you have everything to experience and in such a dream you can literally kinder up any object you like go to any place real or fictional meet any person real or fictional or even use super powers the likes of which only comic book characters have ever dreamed up.

Lets Start!

First Strategy

Keeping a Dream Journal

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Keeping Journal improves your ability to recall dreams and helps facilitate lucidity. So every time you wake up, write down what you can remember even if it’s nothing, just to form the habbit.

Second Strategy

Reality Check

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In a dream, something as simple as reading a sentence, counting your fingers, or checking time can often go astray. Try it right now: look at the time, look away , and then look back. Assuming you aren’t currently dreaming, the time probably stayed the same. However, in a dream, the time or the words you were reading will often completely change.

The key is to do these reality checks often when you’re awake. This way they become second nature and when you’re dreaming you’re likely to perform the same test and realize that something’s wrong.

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