So much of the news this week has been about the ISIS. But what do we really know about them? Let me give you a quick overview. It’s not comprehensive because we only need to know the basics to help us appreciate the headlines even more.

Here we go:

Q: What Does ISIS stand for?

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria

Q: Are They A Religious Group?

Yes (technically). They are one of the many sub-branches of Islam who have their own (very violent) interpretation of the Muslim faith.

It’s just like how Christianity has Protestants; Roman Catholic; Methodism etc… Islam also has various denominations.

Q: Are They A Religious Group?

Here are a few things:

  • They want to destroy and convert all the other branches of Islam
  • They want to convert and destroy all other religions too. They will kill anyone who does not want to be converted.
  • They want to own and rule lands especially Muslim countries.
  • I read somewhere that they want to take over the White House too.

Q: Are all Muslims part of ISIS?

No. Only those who are ignorant will think this. We love and respect our Muslim brothers and sisters.

Q: Should you be afraid of the ISIS?

Of course not! ISIS are like those bullies who tortured you in high school. They want to make your life miserable and take away your spirit. Being scared will only make them more powerful.

Q: What should I do then?

Continue to enjoy life and if you’re not enjoying your life, figure out how.

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