How much are you investing in yourself?

It’s easy for all of us to get caught up in day to day activity and just moving forward in the workplace. Yet I recommend that there’s great value in investing two hours out of every day toward our self and our career. Let’s talk about these hours and how you might invest that time. Hour number one is for you personally. You could use that time to read. Perhaps great books, biographies, uplifting literature.

Invest in Exercise

Anything that helps you live the kind of life that you want to live. Also you might invest in exercise. Exercise has a powerful benefit, not just of your health but improving your productivity and giving you greater clarity of mind. And of course it’ll improve your longevity. You might also invest in coaching of some kind. You don’t need to do this every day, but perhaps one day out of every week you work with someone who can help you with your physical training or help you with your counseling or some area of your personal life that you want to improve.

Also, there’s a benefit if you invest some of that time in the service of others. Perhaps pick your favorite charity and give them an hour or two a week. You’ll be surprised at how much you can learn about yourself in the service of others. Now what about the other time? Hour number two is to invest in your work self. Invest in your career or your business. This is the idea that you’re going to work on your career, not just in it doing your day to day tasks. How do you spend this time? The first place is in education.

Look for a Mentor

I’m not talking about just going back to school, which you may want to do. There are many other places where you can invest time and get a great education. For instance, right here on the library there are so many courses that you can invest in that will improve you and improve your career. You might also find a mentor or a coach. This is someone who has achieved the kind of success that you want to have or is gifted at helping others grow and they can push you and hold you accountable in your career.

You might also choose a special project. Something that’s not related to the work that you’re doing each day but something that you know if you complete it on your own will help you grown and learn more. There are a 168 hours in every week. My suggestion is that you invest just 14 of those in yourself and in your career. If you do this it will pay big dividends over time and help you improve professionally and personally.

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