Communication is widely considered to be among the most important business and life skills. That’s ironic, given how little time we spend talking about and learning about how to be better communicators. Here are three simple tips that can improve the quality of your communication to the next level.

1. Stop excessive usage of electronic communication

It’s common to maximize the usage of email, texting, and instant messaging. We do this because they’re fast and convenient. However, they’re not high quality, especially in texting and instant messaging. Most of the time we use these tools and think we’re sending messages, but we’re really sending confusing messages.

The goal is that all important conversation takes place physically. Only face-to-face communication can you read nonverbal movements effectively, interpret their tone, and have the opportunity to fully interact.

2. Asking for a feedback

You have 2 ways to do this:


You can go find one or two people you know to be very high-quality communicators, and ask them for feedback. Ask them what one thing you could do differently to be more effective interpersonally.


This method could hurt you but interesting. Get yourself captured on video talking with others at a meeting, while giving a presentation in a professional context. When you watch that video, you’ll see yourself as others see you, and it might surprise you, but it will also show you a few clear ways you can step up your game, and the video doesn’t lie.

3. Ask for the summary

Always make it a habit near the end of an important professional conversations to ask the team or partners if they understood what you were trying to say. You’re not looking for a simple “yes,” or a nod, you’re looking for them to quickly state what they heard, their own little summary. We often think others understood us, and they might even think they did. You can only be sure after doing this type of check.

Communication is a vital skill. Don’t assume you know enough about it. Assume you can do better.

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