NSFW, contains small nudity.

Yes folks, there is a spider existed to give you 4 hours of erection

This article may not be appropriate for kids, especially for men. This is a total nightmare for men? Yeah, if you do agree.

This so called rare spider named “The Brazilian Wandering Spider” is one of the most venomous spider and can only be found in Brazil. This spider also sets the Guinness record way back 2010 as the most venomous spider. And presently it is in 3rd venomous spider. As for its venom contained neuro-toxin that causes loss of control in your muscles and asphyxiation, and gets you into serious pain and inflammation.

As for add-ons, the venom also can cause priapism, which is a condition as scientist described where penis or clitoris does not return to it’s flaccid state and obviously it is a medical emergency involving the penis which is terrifying! When the spider gets hold onto you, it able to stimulate and affect a certain pathway which is in molecular level, affects nitric oxide where stimulates another molecule that relaxes the muscle of a penis to allow blood flow in.

Still in this time, Scientist cannot compile the complete substances that the venom consists of and either it’s treatment to mobilize the effect. For now this might be one of the answers for erectile dysfunction.

Note: Effects of this condition is only applicable for males.
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