When Bulgarian clairvoyant Baba Vanga predicted that the 44th U.S. President would be an African American, people took her for a lunatic. But then in 2009, 15 years after her death, her prophecy came true when Barack Obama was sworn in, becoming the first black President of the United States. But there was another part of her prediction. She ended her prophecy with “He will be the last President”, leading many to worry that 2017 will signal the fall of American democracy.

The Gift

Baba Vanga was born in Strumica, Republic of Macedonia. She was a premature baby who suffered from health complications. At age of 12, a turning point in her life occured when she was blinded by a violent storm, which left her with the gift: The Ability to have Prophetic Psychic Visions.

On her earlier prophecies, she foretold the break-up of the Soviet Union, the Chernobyl disaster, the date of Stalin’s death, the sinking of the Russian submarine Kursk, the September 11 attacks and Topalov’s victory in the world chess tournament.

In early August 1976, Yugoslav actress and singer Silvana Armenulić was on tour in Bulgaria and decided to seize the opportunity to meet with Baba Vanga. The meeting was not well. Vanga only sat and stared out a window with her back to Silvana. Everything is quiet, until, Vanga finally spoke:

Nothing. You do not have to pay. I do not want to speak with you. Not now. Go and come back in three months.

As Silvana turned around and walked towards the door, Vanga added and said:

Wait. In fact, you will not be able to come. Go, go. If you can come back in three months, do so.

Silvana took this as confirmation that she would die and left Vanga’s home in tears. Silvana Armenulić died two months later, 10 October 1976, in a car crash together with her sister Mirjana.

More predictions from the Baba Vanga made for 2016 and beyond

  • Barack Obama will be the last president of the US: Baba Vanga had predicted that the 44th US president would be an African American, but she had also added that he would be the last one. According to her, he would leave office at a time when the country would be in economic fall, and there would be a huge divide between the northern and southern states – as was the case during the American Civil War.

  • Muslims will invade Europe: She also predicted that Muslims will invade Europe, and there will be widespread destruction by extremists, which will go on for many years, until the continent ceases to exist. She had also predicted that a Great Muslim War will begin in Syria.

  • Europe will cease to exist: According to Baba Vanga, the continent will cease to exist by 2016, and all that would remain will be wasteland and empty spaces, nearly devoid of any form of life. It was also reported to have said that chemical weapons would be used by extremists against Europe.

  • China will become the new super power: According to her predictions, China is set to become the new superpower in 2018, bringing an end to the United States and its economy. According to her, the exploiters (the developed nations) will become the exploited (the third world). In 2011, the International Monetary Fund had also predicted that China’s economy will overtake that of the US in 2016, emerging as the new superpower.

  • Hunger eradication: Baba Vanga has predicted that hunger will get eradicated sometime between 2025 and 2028.

  • On to Venus: Humans will travel to Venus, according to the Baba, in search of new energy sources. They might even set up a colony there.

  • Rome as the capital of the Islamic caliphate: Islam will finish invading the whole of Europe by 2043, and Rome will be the capital of the new caliphate.

  • Ice caps melting: According to the Baba, ice caps will melt by 2045. The rate at which the ice caps are melting already due to global warming, does seem to suggest the same.

  • Cloning of organs: As per Baba Vanga’s predictions, body organs will be cloned in 2046, and that would be the easiest method of treatment.

  • US attacking Muslim dominated Europe: By 2066, the US will attack Muslim dominated Europe using climate change weapon, and will try to retake Rome and bring back Christianity.

  • The return of Communism: By 2076, communism will return to Europe and the rest of the world.

  • Underwater civilisations: By 2130, civilisations will learn how to live under water, with the help of aliens.

  • The death of the Earth: By 3797, everything on Earth will cease to exist. However, humans will be advanced enough to move to a new star system.

Not True?

Yet, there is no scientific proof that Baba Vanga could predict the future. Indeed existing evidence shows overwhelmingly that real life prophecies are impossible. An extensive study by University of Pennsylvania Professor Philip Tetlock found that even “highly skilled” forecasters are ultimately no more likely to predict the future than chimps randomly selecting outcomes.

In fact, there was also some predictions that were incorrectly predicted, she said there would be readily available cures to lethal diseases including cancer, HIV and AIDs by 2017. Together, these diseases still cause around 9 million deaths annually.

There is no hard evidence of Baba Vanga’s abilities, and many of her predictions have failed to realise. However, her prophecies might encompass many of the most world-changing events of the last three decades. In that case, there may be more truth in her prophecies, yet to be revealed.


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