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Here are the 10 creepiest urban legends or shall we say creepy pasta legends that will surely make you awake this night.

1. Hide and Seek with a Doll

Stuff a doll with rice and entice a spirit enter it at 3AM, choose a weapon and hide from the now haunted doll, if the doll finds you first, Kill it! Because if you don’t, it will steal your soul in hopes of becoming immortal.

2. The Rake

A married couple woke up in the middle of the night to find a creature in their room, the creature jumped at them and stood inches from their faces before darting off toward their children’s bedroom. The couple rushed to the bedroom to find their daughter almost dead, whispering:

He is the Rake

3. The Expressionless

A mysterious plastic faced woman appeared at a hospital, she was covered in blood and had long sharp needle teeth. The hospital staff tried to hold her down and sedate her but she fought them violently. When the doctor asked her what she was, she said:

I am GOD

Then brutally murdered the whole staff except for one nurse who named her “The Expressionless”.

4. Russian Sleep Experiment

Russian researchers force test subjects to go without sleep for 15 days causing the test subjects to go completely insane, self-harming and screaming for hours. They started eating their own flesh and whispering amongst themselves.

This pushed researchers to end the project ahead of schedule, but the test subjects refused to leave.

5. Slit Mouthed Woman

A masked woman haunts the streets of Japan armed with scissors, when approaching strangers, she will ask if she is pretty.

If they answer “YES“… she will cut them to look just like her,

If they answer “NO“… she will kill them.

6. Candle Cove

Many people claim to recall a children’s show from the 70’s that featured creepy characters that ate human skin and terrorized the children that were cast on the show, but parents don’t remember the show aside from their kids asking to watch it and then staring at static for thirty minutes.

7. No End House

A man was offered $500 to survive a tour through a haunted house and was told that if he could make it through 9 rooms of tour, he would get the money. The man completed the tour and was paid in full for his trouble, but when he awoke the next morning, he found that he had never left the house.

8. Smile.JPG

A photo titled smile.jpg circulates the internet, in the photo there is of a dog with something sinister in the background. Those who view it will go insane and eventually kill themselves.

9. The Slender Man

The slender man is tall and thin, faceless man wearing a suit. He shows up in photos on days in which children have disappeared. It is said that he abducts the children and makes them kill for him. In 2014, two teen girls from Milwaukee stabbed their friend 19 times as an attempted offering to the Slender Man.

10. The Licked Hand

One night, a child hears a leaky faucet and goes to turn it off then goes back to bed, letting the dog lick her hand while falling asleep.

The next morning the dog is missing and a message is written in blood on the wall. The dripping she heard was her dog’s blood dripping in the bathtub.

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